Why More Firms Are Relying On Recruiters

With so many Baby Boomers now entering retirement, the market is shifting in terms skills, qualifications, and values. With a fully rebounded economy, companies are often finding themselves in a predicament where not only do they not seem to be getting very many applicants, but the quality of those applicants aren’t meeting the basic standards of the position that they’re hiring for. This has a lot to do with a lower unemployment rate, and a job market that continues to need more and more qualified candidates for positions.

“It’s a matter of supply and demand,” says one executive recruiting consultant from Los Angeles. “Right now the demand exceeds the supply, and it’s much more difficult for companies to staff key positions with the pool of applicants they have.”

#1. Top Executives with Multinational Experience in High Demand

Right now, the pool of executives with multinational experience is in incredibly high demand. That means not only executives with experience doing business with international experience, but executives with multilingual experience.

#2. Relocating is Not Uncommon

Employees looking for bigger and better opportunities are having a very easy time selling off their houses right now, and are very willing to relocate if the right opportunity arises. This impacts a company’s ability to seek out qualified candidates for themselves. Many potential candidates for click for source an executive position don’t have time to surf the web looking for ever new job opportunity and instead enlist the help of executive recruiting firms that are willing to keep their resume on file if they end up being the right fit for a specific company. It’s becoming much more difficult to find such applicants without executive recruiting consultants.

#3. Retaining Key Employees is Becoming More Difficult

This comes down once again to the scarcity of top tier executives in the job market right now. As the number of qualified applicants grows smaller and the demand grows larger, the more money companies are willing to shell out to staff their key positions. The primary aim of an executive recruiting firm is not merely to staff the position, but to find the exact right person for the company. This includes considering the company’s culture and objectives, as well as the candidate’s. A happy employee will be less likely to be lured away by a bloated offer from another firm.

“The market for firms seeking out top level executives right now is harsh,” says one recruiting consultant from Los Angeles. “On the other hand, if you’re an experienced executive or a rising star with a number of in demand qualities, this is a great market to sell yourself in. But Resources the recruiter’s job is to play the matchmaker; to find an employee that fits in the with culture and objectives of the company that will hire them.”

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